Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help you decide if we are right for you:

Will you get in the way?

Our main aim is to go as un-noticed as possible during your day.
We don’t want you or your guests to feel conscious of the camera and of being filmed, so whenever possible we’ll be using zoom lenses to film from afar.

We also don’t use huge tripods or huge shoulder cameras with headphones and lights to film your day, just a small Cinema camera (as big as a Photographers DSLR) and a monopod to be extremely agile videographer Ninjas!

We’ll always do our best to let your Photographer run the day as they would if we weren’t there. Usually choosing a different angle to them for the ultimate coverage between us.


What does “Multicam” mean?

We’ll use 2-3 cameras during your Ceremony, Speeches & First dance to ensure maximum coverage of all angles.

One will be operated manually, the others will static cameras remotely controlled and hidden as much possible.

This footage is then all synced up along with the multiple audio sources and edited into a muticam sequence, flicking to the best camera angle just like a TV programme.


How much experience do you have?

Since 2013 we have been filming 30-50 weddings per year, so with 100+ weddings under our belt, we’ve experienced many many difficult and challenging situations.

Weddings are live events and pretty much anything can happen, having someone competent and professional filming your day will always give you the best outcome over someone who has only shot a few weddings.


Do we need to meet up before the big day?

Not usually. To keep things as simple as possible most contact is done through email or phone calls.
We won’t be running your day like your photographer will, we’ll just be filming as it happens and being very quiet so that we’re not on your video!

There isn’t really a lot for us to discuss that can’t be done over email and the questionnaire we send before your big day.
As long as we know where and when to be at your wedding, simply leave the rest to us and enjoy your day and your guests.

We don’t factor in meeting up into our prices, but if you do really feel that you would like to discuss something face to face, let us know.


Are you Insured?

Of course, we are professionals and carry full Public Liability insurance up to £2Million


Do you film our wedding breakfast?

No, only usually your entrance, and a few clips of the room before the food starts to come out.
We’ll then disappear for a break, change our batteries/cards for the speeches (unless you have speeches before your meal) as people eating never gives very good video footage!


What does “Supplied as Digital Download” mean?

Most people now tend to watch their films on Phones iPads, & computers rather than on TV, so by sending you a link to download, you can save your film to any of these devices easily. You can then put them on a USB to view on a Smart TV or watch through your games console.

DVD’s are still available, but take time to create a master copy, and also to render & burn, so to save on unnecessary costs we charge extra for these.


Do you have any more video examples?

Yes, lots and lots! But they are behind a private link due. Just message us if you would like to see more.


How do we book & pay our balance?

Once we know your venue(s) and wedding date, and are available, we will send out a contract to look over.

This details your package, how to pay your deposit and when you final balance will be due.

We ask for £100 to secure your date, with the remainder due 2 weeks before your wedding.

If you would like us to create a payment plan to break down your payments into more manageable chunks, please let us know.



Email us now to get the ball rolling, lets see if we are available 🙂